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Ashtanga yoga is

a set of practices and techniques to access steadiness and connectivity within our mind-body-spirit selves.

Ashtanga yoga’s three main components are breath, gesture and awareness. By linking conscious breathing with gesture (movement), and tethering that to our focus, we find deep moments of ease and groundedness that eventually stretch into days, months and years. 

There is a choreographed ordering of poses in Ashtanga Yoga that first make the body strong and flexible, then cleanse the nervous system, and then guide us to deepen in balance, steadiness and ease. 

However, a strict sequence isn’t appropriate for all bodies - injury, age, pregnancy, history and mental state can all change the ways we might address your practice. 

We work with individuals, and see each person as unique. Therefore each person’s practice is unique. There is no one size fits all.

We offer different classes and class plans to suit your spiritual, physical, and psycho-emotional needs; but also to accommodate your schedule and budget. This practice is intended to support and stabilize your life and circumstances. 

That being said, the magic is in the rhythm. Whether you commit to once a week, three times a week or six times a week; whether it’s daily with us or regularly on your own and occasionally with us.

Individualized practice in a group setting - what is often called “Mysore style” - allows for individual attention without the cost of a private class. It occurs Monday-Friday during set hours. This is how we - Erica and Spiros - learned Ashtanga Yoga, and for us, it will always be a very special thing. You must register ahead of time here

Led class is our most broad, least personalized offering. Not to say it doesn’t have value! When we come together as a community to move and breathe there is something transpersonal, magical and wonderful that happens. We attune to one another, and find a heightened awareness, ecstasy and flow. 

Private consultations are our most intimate and personalized offering, great for those who are brand new to yoga, are working with injury, or are experiencing other extenuating circumstances. Our consults may include diet and lifestyle information, postural practice, breathwork, meditation, and if the whimsy moves tarot readings. Spiro and Erica are each available for private consultations out of our private studio space; or your home or office. 

Tune ups are for those who have an existing regular practice (or who desire one) but who cannot get to DTLA regularly. We will support your home practice with regular check-ins and tune-ups.