I’d Like to Learn Yoga


We’d be honored to work with you. If you’re new to Ashtanga yoga, or to yoga in general, we recommend that you commit to a steady practice with us to start.

The more regular your practice at the beginning, the quicker your breath and body will find ease and fluidity in the postures, and the more readily your mind will find a meditative space. Whether it’s once or twice a week in private sessions, or 2-6 times a week together in a Mysore setting, we urge you to find a steady rhythm that works for your schedule.

Our private sessions are flexible in timing, and can be held out of our private, intimate shala space in the Arts District; or out of your home or office.

Explore our class packages through the button below, and email us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you, and sharing in breath and movement.