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The Last Shavasana

The Last Shavasana.jpeg

This will be a psychedelic nightshade edition of EARTHSKYHORIZON from Los Angeles Yoga Club's Dreamweapon series of twilight yoga expeditions.

A prequel to The Haunted House of the Self, this is literally a warm-up, geared towards using the body and moving the zombie robot fleshpuppet around a bit. These practices will playfully animate our muscles and blood and bones and lungs with droning soundbath-style embodiment immersion exercises, before the evening's more wordy expeditions/

It's a fluid class in a fluid amount time, around 50 minutes or so. Generally geared towards lying down, THE LAST SHAVASANA, will involve a good bit more motion and verticality—moving the body, towards the grave. We'll spend a lot of time wrestling with ourselves, that is, wrestling with dying. Most yoga classes involve trying not to fumble and fall out of an idealized pose, be here we'll embrace the fall as the true form. We'll practice stumbling through various poses, postures, gestures, mudras, and friezes into stillness.

We'll climb, ascending to vistas, and views of vastness, only to fall back down to the ground. Increasing the heart rate, body temperature, breath, and vitality along the way. Only to let it go in the end.

Towards the great stillness. The big sleep.


$20 for THE LAST SHAVASANA (6:15pm) alone OR

$30 in concert with THE HAUNTED HOUSE OF THE SELF (7:30 - 9 PM)

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